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Straightening & Smoothing

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Chi Enviro All-in-one Kit 9pk
This kit includes: G2 Flat Iron Purity Shampoo 16oz Highlighted Smoothing Treatment 16oz Colored Smoothing Treatment 16oz Virgin/Resistant Smoothing Treatment 16oz Shine Spray 5oz Smoothing Serum 2oz Enviro Manual MSDS Packet
Item # RFA-ENV-XD135
Chi Enviro Essential Virgin/resistant Kit
This kit contains: CHI G2 flat iron Soothing Treatment 16oz Shampoo 12oz Conditioner 12oz Smoothing Serum 2oz
Item # RFA-ENV-XD105
Chi Enviro Fine/porous/highlighted Single Use Kit
CHI Enviro Single Use Kit contains: 1x Smoothing Treatment 59ml 1x Purity Shampoo 59ml 1x Smoothing Shampoo 59ml 1x Smoothing Conditioner 59ml 1x Smoothing Serum 59ml
Item # RFA-ENV-XD145
Chi Enviro Treatment Colored/chemically Treated
This unique formula contains the perfect balance of silk required for colored / chemically treated hair types to achieve ideal smooth results.
Item # RFA-ENV-TSC16 Series
Chi Enviro Treatment Highlighted/porous/fine
This unique formula is the key to help smooth and straighten highlighted, porous or fine hair. A reapplication is recommended every 4-6 weeks for best results.
Item # RFA-ENV-TSH16 Series
Chi Enviro Treatment Virgin/resistant
This unique formula is the key to help smooth and straighten virgin / resistant hair. For best results, use every 4-6 weeks.
Item # RFA-ENV-TSV16 Series
Chi Enviro Virgin/resistant Single Use Kit
This single use kit has everything you need to smooth out Virgin or Resistant hair.
Item # RFA-ENV-XD150
Liquid Keratin 30 Day Bold Treatment Starter Kit
Liquid Keratin Bold is a revolutionary at home treatment that infuses dark, coarse, frizzy, curly hair with keratin protein.  Just one application will loosen, smooth and detangle curls while eliminating frizz for up to 30 days. Starter set contains: Liquid Keratin Bold For Dark Hair 30...
Item # RKE-KER-XD105
Liquid Keratin 30 Day Strong & Long Treatment Starter Kit
Liquid Keratin is the first safe at home alternative to expensive salon treatments providing amazing results of healthier, longer, softer, shinier hair with 100% less frizz without the use of Formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients. One application can last up to 30 days. Starter set...
Item # RKE-KER-XD110
Liquid Keratin 60 Day Straighter Smoother & Longer 4oz
Having revolutionized the home keratin treatment category, Liquid Keratin is excited to be launch a new and improved home treatment - New and improved 60 Day Straighter Smoother Stronger and Longer Treatment provides better and longer lasting results while being formaldehyde and aldehyde...
Item # RKE-KER-S60SLT04
Liquid Keratin Pure Detox Clarifying Shampoo 33.8oz
Prepares the hair to receive the Liquid Keratin treatment. A gentle shampoo that deeply cleans and purifies hair without stripping strands. Remove dulling, damaging residue and neutralize hard water effects with an effective deep cleansing formula for a more manageable lustrous locks.
Liquid Keratin Restorative Smoothing Treatment 35oz
Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment is an exclusive new system developed to promote hair straightening and smoothing while repairing damage caused from other chemical processes. Due to its ability to penetrate the hair fiber, Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative...
Liquid Keratin Salon Intro N/D
Lasts Up To 16 Weeks! The first customizable salon smoothing system. This exclusive system has been formulated to smooth hair, add shine, strength, and luster, while allowing retention of as much or as little of the curl texture as desired. Offer includes: Back Bar(1) Liquid Keratin...
Item # RKE-KER-12-02
Liquid Keratin Smoothing Treatment Sample Kit 3pk
Contents: Restorative Smoothing Treatment 4oz Infusing Healthy Hair De-Frizz Shampoo 1.7oz Infusing Deep De-Frizz Conditioner 1.7oz
Item # RKE-KER-XD100