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Gigi, the most trusted brand amongst professionals. For over 40 years, estheticians around the world have relied on GiGi’s knowledge and expertise in hair removal. GiGi first launched All Purpose Honee in 1972 and still remains the #1 professional selling hair removal wax in the world! Since then GiGi has grown to include a complete selection of waxes, warmers, pre & post treatments, accessories, paraffin, depilatories and more. GiGi continues to grow and is committed to providing professional grade products to help estheticians grow their business.

Today, the professional products in the GiGi line include the full complement of soft and hard waxes, pre and post waxing products, and waxing accessories. GiGi also has a complete paraffin line, featuring therapeutic waxes, and all of the essential accessories. Because it is so easy to use, safe and effective, the GiGi method is taught everywhere. Gigi products can be found building business for salon owners, beauty supply stores, and skin care professionals across the globe. GiGi makes available educational materials, classes, trained support staff and a customer service center. When GiGi is used to remove hair, there is smooth sailing ahead.

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