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Allpresan, the original foot care foam product, was introduced to foot care professionals in the mid 1990's. With Over 10 years of proven results, the product line has expanded to include solutions for every foot care need. Allpresan "foam cream technology" is for anyone who wishes to care for dry or sensitive skin. It gives optimum hydration with an effective supply of nutrients-without overloading the skin with an excessive amount of oil.

Using Urea means that many Allpresan foam creams are particularly effective moisturisers. Urea increases the water content in the horny layer, softens it and makes the skin smooth, stabilises the barrier function, improves the regenerative ability of the epidermal barrier, relieves itching, increases skin exfoliation and prevents thickening of the skin. Allpresan foam cream form finely-meshed "netting" over the skin and protect it against harmful external factors. The skin is able to breathe and its natural functions are retained.

Everyone who uses Allpresan praises its convenient use, easy application and rapid absorption; it is very easy to pull on socks or stocking of any kind. Diabetics started using Allpresan "foam creams" long ago because the skin of Diabetics urgently needs tailored care without being additionally overloaded with too much fat. With other skin problems, such as sweaty feet or feet that are sensitive to fungal infection, they also receive optimum care with our foam cream. We do not add colourings and preservatives, and almost all our products are available without fragrance. The Allpresan brand offers solutions for effective, medical care for feet. Our secret is the patented active formula; it guarantees the outstanding care characteristics of the basic foam creams for sensitive, stressed, and dry skin.

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